The Festival of Archaeology Thunderclap

Join our Thunderclap, and help promote the Festival of Archaeology 2017!

We hope to promote the Festival of Archaeology by taking to social media to help spread the word about the opening day of the Festival. Many people will already know what the Festival of Archaeology is and with your help to spread the word we may reach new people across the country to get them active and interested in the Festival.

Help us with a Thunderclap!

For those of you not familiar with Thunderclap, it is a very simple and engaging way for people to help ‘kickstart’ a social campaign. It can be used on several platforms the main ones being twitter and Facebook. Once the Thunderclap message has been made all you need to do is, click on the link say which social media you’d like to support with. It will give you three options Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. You can select just one or all three! Then on the day the message gets sent out and all of those who have pledged and given support will join forces to send out a powerful message across social media. Signing up is free and easy and you won’t have to post anything yourself, Thunderclap will automatically do it for you! We are trying to get as many supporters as we can before the official launch of the Festival of Archaeology which is 15 July, that is also when the Thunderclap will go live.

If you would like further information to what a Thunderclap is, please see the link below.

We hope to count on your support and let’s see if we can get the Festival of Archaeology trending!