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About the Festival of Archaeology

Co-ordinated by the Council for British Archaeology, the Festival offers hundreds of events nationwide, organised by museums, heritage organisations, national and country parks, universities, local societies, and community archaeologists.

Bigger and better for 2019!

The Festival of Archaeology will be taking a year off in 2018 as part of a plan for a bigger and better festival to form part of 75th anniversary of the Council for British Archaeology next year. The Festival of Archaeology has been running for 27 years – from a single day in 1990 to two weeks in 2017. Last year over 1,000 events were put on by 318 organisers across the UK and we want to build on this success for 2019. To do this we will be developing a new fundraising strategy to secure the future of the festival and want to work with organisers, supporters and funders to help shape our plans. We would love to hear from if you would like to work with us – just email

In the meantime, we know that some festival organisers are already putting together plans for events in 2018. Although we can’t provide registration or insurance this year, please do feel free to use the Festival of Archaeology Fringe 2018 as your strapline so we can carry on celebrating archaeology this summer.